About the Farm

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About the Farm

Rabbit’s Garden is a 5,000 sq ft. urban farm located within the Staten Island Urby apartment complex in Staten Island’s Stapleton neighborhood. Through sustainable and regenerative practices, we grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers for CSA members, farmers markets, and wholesale clients. In addition to growing produce, we strive to be an integrated community hub for Urby residents and for the larger Staten Island community by providing programming such as farm dinners and educational workshops on cooking, gardening, art, science, sustainability, and more! We are small but mighty! The staff consists of the Farmer in Residence and 1-2 paid interns. While the farm is not certified organic, our farming practice goes beyond conventional organics and incorporates practices from the organic, biointensive, and agroecological fields.


Our Vision and Commitment

Vision: In the work that we do, we strive to work towards a world in which food is grown sustainably and distributed equitably and in which all people have agency in their food systems.


  • Regenerative Agriculture - All of our vegetables are grown by holistic, regenerative methods, such as composting, cover cropping, low-till, crop rotation, and companion planting. We don’t use any synthetic inputs or GMO’s and we use very few, if any, petroleum powered machinery. We are committed to reducing waste at all levels of our business and can help community members reduce their waste and participate in composing as well.

  • Sliding Scale CSA Farm Share - The sliding scale farm share is run on the principle that food is a basic human right and the faith that a just food system is compatible with financial solvency for farmers and, in fact, crucial for the future of farm livelihoods. Any suggestions as to how Rabbit’s Garden can do more to be accessible or to support food equity are welcomed and cherished. Please contact us in person or see our Contact Page.