How It Works


How does the CSA Work?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In this relationship, a farm supports a community and a community supports that farm. Community members pay for a membership upfront (at the beginning of the season, or by installments with a payment plan). In exchange they receive a weekly supply of fresh, high quality produce. This links community members and farms together for mutual benefit. With a CSA, locals become investors or shareholders of a farm's produce. By purchasing a membership for a whole season, members provide the farm with reliable, up-front capital to fund each year's operating costs before the growing begins. Once the farmers receive this financial support at the start of the season, they can focus on the intensive job of growing healthy food for their neighbors. They can spend their time carefully cultivating nutrient-dense and chemical-free food and stewarding their soil and the environment instead of developing markets during the season. It is a two-way commitment. For this reason, CSA share sales are non-refundable.

Rabbit’s Garden offers a 22 week CSA that runs from June through October. We have two membership options, large shares and small shares. Shares are picked up at the farm every Wednesday between between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Shares can be purchased on the Sign Up page, or in person by check or cash. For details on what kinds of produce to expect, see the Our Produce page for images and our harvest calendar.

Rabbit’s Garden is committed to the principle that food is a basic human right. Healthy, nutritious, and chemical-free food should be available to everyone, not just those with higher incomes. For this reason, our CSA farm share is offered on a sliding scale fee. The fee options are outlined below. We ask that you choose to pay according to your access to financial resources. Doing so is crucial to the success of this program. If you need help determining what level to pay, please read this excellent document on sliding scale and economic justice. Full price and middle income fees must be paid up-front. Lower-Middle and Low income fees are eligible for weekly or monthly payment plans. Please email directly for payment plan options.



  • Large Share: Includes 5-7 items per week. $528 ($24/week)

  • Small Share: Includes 3-4 items per week. $308 ($14/week)


  • Large Share: Includes 5-7 items per week. $396 ($18/week)

  • Small Share: Includes 3-4 items per week. $231 ($10.50/week)


  • Large Share: Includes 5-7 items per week. $246 ($12/week)

  • Small Share: Includes 3-4 items per week. $154 ($7/week)


  • Large Share: Includes 5-7 items per week. $198 ($9/week)

  • Small Share: Includes 3-4 items per week. $115 ($5.25/week) 


Member Agreement

By purchasing a CSA membership, you agree to the following terms.

  • CSA members share in the inherent risks of growing local food on a sustainable scale (i.e. poor weather, pest damage, etc.) They also share in the rewards (fresh, local, and responsibly grown vegetables, being a part of a caring community). It’s named “Community Supported Agriculture” because members support farmers by sharing in this risk. I understand that the items available will vary depending on the season. I accept my share of the risks and rewards and I understand that my payment is non-refundable.

  • I agree to pay for my share at the level I am able, according to my financial resources. Not more, not less. I understand that doing so is part of my responsible participation in this community.

  • I agree to pick up my share on the assigned day or to send someone to pick it up for me. If I do not pick up my share or make prior alternative arrangements, I acknowledge that it will be donated at the end of the day and I will not be compensated for my lost week of produce.

  • I understand Rabbit’s Garden’s commitment to reducing waste. I agree to bring my own reusable bags to pick up my produce each week. (In case of emergency, Rabbit’s Garden tries to have a few recycled cardboard boxes available or reusable bags available for purchase at CSA pick up. However, we can not guarantee that these will always be available). My bags are my responsibility.